Miyerkules, Nobyembre 27, 2013

Past and Change

Have you ever come across something from years ago? Something you've never thought of stumbling across that was from the past. 

You would smile as you try to remember how it had been. It had been from long ago, and it seemed so nice that it is still with you. You would laugh, remembering the way you had used to think when you were way younger. Probably you would feel a slight sense of embarrassment at how you were before. There is always that slight disgust looking at your past self.

You know that you've changed. Maybe you've changed a lot, or maybe not. What you are now is what you believe your better self is. People may disagree but only you can answer who your better self is. No one else but you. 

The Past is always there and can never be erased, but the Past has passed. But there's always change. Never forget how change is always present.Change can never leave you alone. 

 God is working His wonders.