Sabado, Mayo 12, 2012

I'm crazy for doing this.

I'm so stupid or making so many commitments all at once. It just proves how daft I am.
So.. I'm making 2 different stories on Figment, which are not yet published.

Guess what happened to the protagonist? :P

I like the idea for this story than Isolated even though I thought of the former first.

(And I made the covers before even developing the storyline. Sheesh.) 
*Notice my favorite font is Neou TT?*

I keep deleting every progress I make! For example, after writing about 2 paragraphs, I tell myself that the plot is too mainstream—boring. so I keep on writing and deleting and writing. I think I might just delete them or at least make up my mind first and write only one story. But here's  the problem. I have a story in FFN, which people are actually waiting for. But I am constantly lacking inspiration and I'm yet to make up my mind whether to discontinue it or just go on hiatus. UGH. It's really tiring!
In addition to my rant, I have to summarize a book by the end of the summer, which is less than a month. And I only finished—wait for it—ONE SENTENCE! Oh yay! I'm so behind schedule. 

Oh well, I guessed it would lighten my load if I told you...Internet. And it did. Though probably making a blog will just add to a list of my commitments.And that's all for a rant-y first post. I guess this will be like a diary or something.