Miyerkules, Nobyembre 27, 2013

Past and Change

Have you ever come across something from years ago? Something you've never thought of stumbling across that was from the past. 

You would smile as you try to remember how it had been. It had been from long ago, and it seemed so nice that it is still with you. You would laugh, remembering the way you had used to think when you were way younger. Probably you would feel a slight sense of embarrassment at how you were before. There is always that slight disgust looking at your past self.

You know that you've changed. Maybe you've changed a lot, or maybe not. What you are now is what you believe your better self is. People may disagree but only you can answer who your better self is. No one else but you. 

The Past is always there and can never be erased, but the Past has passed. But there's always change. Never forget how change is always present.Change can never leave you alone. 

 God is working His wonders. 

Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Peculiarity Review

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs



When I first found this at a bookstore, I thought it would be a very interesting read. But I was only looking at books that day, and never bought anything. I kept thinking of this book, because it really caught my eye. Then my father bought this for me about 2 weeks later and I was so excited!

Opening MPHFPC for the first time, I put down the book immediately. Not that it was horrible, but because I was creeped out by the picture of Emma on the title page. Before reading the story itself, I skimmed through the pictures first and was undecided whether the story would be scary or not. I found some of the images definitely weird and I even thought that I would have nightmares. But taking in the story with the pictures, it gave a different...vibe. I found some parts in the story realistic even though I knew all of it was only a figment of Mr. Riggs' imagination. 

I usually finish books in 1-3 days, but I finished MPHFPC in a minimum of 7 days. For me, it's not a book that you would not put down. It was interesting, but in my opinion not interesting enough. 

If I would rate it, it would have a score of 3.5/5.


Sabado, Mayo 12, 2012

I'm crazy for doing this.

I'm so stupid or making so many commitments all at once. It just proves how daft I am.
So.. I'm making 2 different stories on Figment, which are not yet published.

Guess what happened to the protagonist? :P

I like the idea for this story than Isolated even though I thought of the former first.

(And I made the covers before even developing the storyline. Sheesh.) 
*Notice my favorite font is Neou TT?*

I keep deleting every progress I make! For example, after writing about 2 paragraphs, I tell myself that the plot is too mainstream—boring. so I keep on writing and deleting and writing. I think I might just delete them or at least make up my mind first and write only one story. But here's  the problem. I have a story in FFN, which people are actually waiting for. But I am constantly lacking inspiration and I'm yet to make up my mind whether to discontinue it or just go on hiatus. UGH. It's really tiring!
In addition to my rant, I have to summarize a book by the end of the summer, which is less than a month. And I only finished—wait for it—ONE SENTENCE! Oh yay! I'm so behind schedule. 

Oh well, I guessed it would lighten my load if I told you...Internet. And it did. Though probably making a blog will just add to a list of my commitments.And that's all for a rant-y first post. I guess this will be like a diary or something.